September 3, 1890, birth of my grandfather Jean Dufourg, called Gabriel.

During the First World War (1914-1918), and his captivity in Nancy in Lorraine by the Germans, he outlined several drawings and designed projects of agricultural machine...

He was a founder of the winery cooperative Grangeneuve in Romagne. He was one of those winemakers who decided to get together to deal with the crisis ... He gave existing buildings for the winery's construction on 8 March 1936. Gabriel kept the vineyard plots operating, located on the Village Bellebat, the locality of Baraillot about 10 hectares.

While keeping his passion for mechanics, Gabriel deposited, on May 23, 1938 the invention patent of a mechanism to automate all ploughing tasks.

My grandfather had a fullfiled social and professional life, as such, he was the Bellebat's Mayor for two terms from 1953 to 1965.

In 1955, he was President of the Local Bank Credit Agricole in Targon.

In 1956, a big cold spell immobilized France for several weeks with sub-zero temperatures. In Bordeaux, assistance of the army to help clear the snowies streets, was requested. However this inclement weather did not prevent Gabriel to obtain on 26 August 1956 by the Comice Agricole of La Réole, the Diploma Vermeil for a superior performance of his property.


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